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 MDID Instructions


To access and use MDID, follow the instructions below. You must be a student currently registered in an art class at the University of Central Arkansas that uses MDID. You will be issued a username and password that is good only for that semester. If you lose that information, see your instructor.


The images on MDID are protected by copyright laws. Any abuse of the system or images will result in the immediate removal of your access to them.




     1. Go to http://mdid2.uca.edu

     2. Enter your username and password, click "login"

     3. Click on "slideshows" located in the column on the left.

     4. Click on the drop-down list next to "slideshow author" in middle of page.

     5. Scroll down to find the name of your professor and click on it.

     6. Under "folder", click on the drop-down box and find the name of your class. Click on class name.

     7. Under "slideshow", click on the title of the show you want to view. Type in the password

         (same as step #2) when prompted. This will unlock the slideshow and bring up the image


     8. Use the control bar on the top of the image to navigate through the slideshow.

               Arrow keys- moves images forward or backward.

               + or - keys- magnify or shrink the image.

               Square icon- compares different images either vertically or horizontally, or lets you look at

                                  details of an image with the full size image next to it

     9. To view and print flashcards, return to slideshow page by clicking on "slideshow properties"

         located in upper right corner. Click on "flashcards" located on same line as slideshow name.

             Adobe Reader is required to view and print flash card page.








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